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B2C is the Universe of Next Level Coaching. It combines the emotional and intellectual experience of being and becoming the best coach that is already living within you.

Right now B2C offers 2 Programs for wo.men who feel born to coach.

All Programs will take its place on Facebook.

Let me introduce you to this amazing and beautiful portal.

An energetic kick in the butt to pursue your passion

Investment 333 Euro

1 Week Program

This Masterclass is already waiting for you! 

All Videos are recorded and ready to watch right away.

This program is dope! It provides you with what you need to start coaching or to revisit your basics and re-calibrate your business. We will dive into a Pro Basic atmosphere 

where we will explore the following topics:

  • how to get started, how & where to show up, how to lead the very first calls..
  • about messing up and failing forward
  • coaching a stranger vs. coaching a friend
  • boundaries in coaching
  • important rules / tools to get started
  • the being dimension of coaching

This course is about empowering and nourishing your inner coach, so you can pursue your passion and experience the magic of serving your soul clients with confidence and ease.

Right now you can get "metamorphosis" as a bundle with "a path unfold"

Immerse yourself into your epic work and your magnificent life as a coach. Serve your clients with your deepest truth, create a passionate and high energy workflow.

Investment 3.332 Euro

12 Modules approx. 4 weeks (incl. 1 magic week)

*magic week is a week of inner integration, no live calls are happening within this time

DATE for the Live Round is 23. August to 24. September

- all replays are in the group container waiting for you. 

You can join at any time!

This is the heart of B2C. The core program. This powerful training covers more than a decade of learning and honing my craft, both emotionally and energetically. We will go deep here. Expect to grow and to be triggered. This is part of your unfolding as the best coach you can be. 

This is for you, if you are willing to engage and to fully commit to the container that I am going to create. Have your journal/ notebook with you, a beautiful pen and a nourishing drink by your side. 

This is the journey of coming home, as the coach you were born to be. I will give you everything you need to go all-in for yourself. Pack your bag with me. Put in what serves you. Let's find out which tools truly are yours and therefore truly

serve your clients. Free yourself of old beliefs of what a coach should do and use and come home to your very unique style of coaching. 

This is what we will dive into:

★ Money inside and outside of a business

★ The World of Marketing and where I stand with it

★ The Framework of Coaching and the A- Z of a Client's Journey

★ Boundaries & Contract

★ Managing your epic business

★ Client creation vs magnetizing clients

★ Limitations: important shadows to look at

★ The Proposal YES / NO / MAYBE

★ Excellent Coaching

★ Female Leadership

★ Responsibilities of Coach and Coachee

and last but not least

★ what it takes to perform a quantum leap



/ One Time

A Path Unfold


/ One Time


Metamorphosis +A Path Unfold


    / One Time

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