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I am 36, I am a double Scorpio, Mani Gen and I am the blessed mother of my toddler Naida Moon. I am married to the most beautiful being on earth: Jacob who is a flute crafter and a multi musician. I am a Master Coach, teacher, mentor and trainer.

I used to hide my financial success. I feared being misunderstood. Being pegged as someone who is mercenary and has dollar signs in their eyes like Scrooge McDuck. But the hard truth is: I was born as one of five children in a family where it was just normal to me to have to ask our neighbours for groceries or some money, so my Mum could provide lunch or dinner.

I never ever had abundance moneywise, until I devoted myself to my calling, my purpose, my love: coaching! Money was something nobody had in my family. And I was very sure that this was something for other people. Not for me.

My 1:1 Coaching Business created 6 figures and I had a hard time realising this. Not only because I am the full provider of my own family, but als because I wondered “did this really happen to ME?”

Interesting “past life” check for those of you with open spiritual souls : also in my past lives I never had monetary abundance. And this life is meant for me to spend in abundance like any other queen. Full of glitter, magic and money. And I am going to take you with me on this trip.

This container is about helping gorgeous human beings to transform their lives, to acquire new skills and to create an energy that is just as powerful as a big bang.

Coaching is not about making fast money, but it simply can.  We love to hide as many of our old parts do not feel save when we want to move. 

I am a big fan of pro human service and to own selling it! As long as you try not to sell, as long you will suffer & ask yourself why things do not work out that well.

The moment you make it a business and you tell yourself “it's not about money” you

have some work to do, my love.

You will see me laugh, thrive, dance, scream and cry.

You will see all my sides.

The wild.

The bold.

The intimidating.

The strong.

The soft.

The silent.

The vulnerable.

And I am so excited to see all of your facets!





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this Membership is for you, if you are ready to:

  • Commit yourself to conscious decisions you will create because of this container
  • Love to absorb magical energy to take into your own world
  • Have a business or dream of your own biz
  • Enhance your coaching skills through deep listening
  • Leave behind the conflicting statements you might hear around you
  • Be a kind human being and embrace all genders and people of color with a huge heart

A monthly visual Meet Up Call with Hanna

Magic Monday at 5 pm CET via ZOOM

Replays are available

This includes teachings, a heaven seat (your chance to get coached 1:1) and a "Q and A round"

“Metamorphosis”:The 1 Week program to start your Coaching Business

Special perks on any of my other offers, for members only

The opportunity to join an awesome Community, through our free FB Group “born to coach” with like-minded people, which will automatically shift something within you

Pure Hanna vibes all over the place

I am not sure if I can always make it to the Call, what then?

 - That is absolutely fine, we make sure that our amazing members have always access to the replay.

How long is one magic membership cycle?

 - there are two options . The first is: 5 months, so you can cancel after 5month or you go for the 1 Year Membership, then you can cancel after this 1 Year. The 1 Year options is the cost of 10 month as so includes 2 month for free: 1 full Year. 

What day and time is Magic Time?

 - The Live Call will be held on Monday at 5pm CET

Is it only for like very spiritual people?

 - I believe that the faith of each individual is absolutely sacred and holy. I have friends who are beautiful Christians, I have friends who speak with angels, those who know fairies and more. 

Life is limitless and so are you. And YOU are welcome in this container.

Do I need to be a Coach?

 - It is beneficial if you aspire to become a Coach or to grow as a Coach but you don't have to be a Coach. You can have or want to have ANY kind of soul biz to grow with this container! 


However this container is for everyone who loves Coaching & wants or has a Soul Biz.

I absolutely believe and know that this container will also help you to enhance your relationship with yourself and others. It will help you to be more you, more kind, more powerful.

Also, if you include Coaching in your Business (like yoga, writing, mentoring, breathwork,

sexual pleasure work, you name it…) this container will absolutely be a benefit for you.

What is a heaven seat?

 - This my love is THE BEST. It is the part of our Call where you have the chance to be

coached by me.This is usually known as a “hot seat” but this term makes me nervous and I would rather be excited than nervous. So in my world it's called a “heaven seat”.

Can I get a refund?

 - No, we need a full commitment. 

I believe that YOU can listen to your Intuition so deeply that she will give you the answer to make strong moves. I trust that you will learn the lessons you should learn. And I don't know what this lesson is. 

I would be taking your power away if I refunded you, for a decision you have made just for your own growth.

I am thinking about working 1:1 with you, but THIS also attracts me, what do I do?

 - This is amazing, as 1:1 Clients also get free access to this wild magic Membership

I have a question which I can’t find any answer to, what do I do?

 - Message me on WhatsApp, Telegram or IG. I am excited to serve you!


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